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As one of the best movers for seniors in Barrie and across Canada, Superior Mover makes moving easy and stress-free for you and your loved ones. With decades of expertise and honed to-perfection skills, we know how to provide you with the most effective assistance. All you need to do is contact us and we will take care of the whole process. It includes planning and organizing your move, packing, unpacking, loading and unloading.

Moreover, you will have a dedicated manager to inform you of your questions throughout the process. Finally, clients reap outstanding benefits by choosing our senior moving solutions in Barrie:

  • High-speed performance
    Moving is always stressful for seniors, so we have the efficient practices and equipment to speed up the process, no matter how much stuff you have.
  • Satisfaction guarantee
    We care not only about the safe delivery of customer property but also about their peace of mind. Therefore, Superior Mover provides a 100% guarantee of smooth moving.
  • Transparent pricing
    Cooperation with us never implies additional costs and hidden fees. And upon completion of the work, you pay the initially agreed amount. In addition, our experts provide a free moving estimate.

We always treat our clients with care, so you can’t go wrong by choosing our most reputable moving services for seniors in Barrie.

seniors moving services barrie

Senior moving services in Barrie that will leave you satisfied

As you know, moving includes not only loading property into a truck. Besides, it implies preparing furniture, household appliances, and other items for transportation. And while it is a feasible task for younger people, it is an exhausting fuss for the elderly.

Here are the senior moving challenges usually requiring the support of younger relatives or qualified professionals:

  • Preparing items for transporting
    To preserve the integrity of the furniture, household appliances, and other items, homeowners should dismantle them before moving. However, the appropriate skills and tools are necessary to do it right. As a rule, this job is difficult and tiring for seniors, so they can hardly do without the help of specialists. Our senior moving company is within your reach 24/7 in Barrie and has the knowledge and skills to dismantle whatever you need correctly.
  • Safe packaging
    Whether a complete item or disassembled, transportation without protective packaging is fraught with scratches, dents, and even destruction. Therefore, seniors should spend a lot of time, effort, and money to buy protective materials and wrap things properly. You can be sure of sturdy packages and reliable wrapping by choosing us. We have dozens of materials and containers, including crates and boxes of all sizes and shapes, films, bubble wraps, blankets, and cases. In addition, our senior movers in Barrie know the ins and outs of packing every item in your home.
  • Dismantling things
    Settling into a new place seems like a pleasant chore, but this is rarely the case for seniors. Upon arrival, they should unpack, assemble furniture and household appliances, and arrange all these items. Unlike many other moving companies, our team’s services do not end with truck unloading. Instead, we will only leave you once we bring the last thing to the new place and put it where you want.

As you can see, moving seniors comes with tasks that are challenging to complete due to their age. With this in mind, we have developed a range of services that covers every senior homeowner’s needs. As a result, clients appreciate our advanced senior moving services as the most reliable and caring across Barrie.

Let us deliver proficient care to you or your loved ones, and we will meet your expectations in full.

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Huo Shi

We were impressed with the professionalism and politeness of these piano movers. They took great care of our piano and made the entire moving process a breeze.

Oct 25, 2023

    Need reliable help with senior relocation in Barrie?

    Superior Mover stands for quality and safety when it comes to moving. Our skilled movers use only state-of-art tools, trucks and methods to guarantee a safe and swift move. We are eager to help you to open a new chapter in your life!

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