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Compassionate senior moving services in Laval

senior relocation services Laval

Whether your elderly loved ones are moving to a new house or nursing home, Superior Mover can easily handle your relocation! Our team of senior movers in Laval is versed in this delicate art, focusing on the overwhelming challenges that elderly people and their families often face. Our punctual and courteous specialists are professionally trained to ensure the greatest consideration for seniors and their belongings.

We totally understand that moving an elderly person can be stressful for everyone involved. While we offer exceptional service to each of our customers, we add an extra level of care and assistance when it comes to our senior clients. Our movers empathize and understand the worries that often accompany moving at any stage of life and provide senior moving services in Laval with patience and empathy.

We take care of all the hassle, including packing and moving furniture or heavy boxes, and handle your valuables with the utmost care. We can also help you free up space in your home by removing old junk that you no longer need. Additionally, if you need to store some of your stuff, we can transport and store them in our secure, well-organized warehouse.

We treat everything you entrust to us with the greatest care and are insured to provide peace of mind that everything will be under control. We employ courteous, patient and diligent movers who understand the physical and emotional toll that relocation can take on a senior person. Our moving company for seniors in Laval plans, organizes and supervises all aspects of the move, turning the emotionally exhausting experience into a pleasant one!

seniors moving services Laval

Supportive movers for seniors in Laval you can fully trust

Elderly people often can’t handle lifting heavy things, and some are simply unable to participate in the move at all. At Superior Mover, we understand the special needs of aging people and take care of them every step of the way. From packing to loading, transportation, unloading and settling in, we make sure the job is done efficiently and every detail is taken care of.

  • Assessing the unique needs of each senior
    We can manage the relocation and downsizing process as much as your situation requires. Our attentive movers for seniors in Laval will work with you from start to finish to develop a relocation plan and timeline, making the task less daunting.
  • Downsizing and decluttering
    Moving to a new place often requires downsizing. If necessary, our experienced movers can help put things in order and organize your possessions to make the move faster and easier.
  • Packing
    We know how tightly seniors are attached to their valuables. Our qualified crew will handle their belongings with the greatest care, using high-quality packing supplies to ensure a safe move. Delicate items will be treated with special attention.
  • Safe transportation
    Our senior moving company in Laval ensures the use of modern equipment and vehicles to safely and efficiently transport your possessions to the new place. Our fleet of reliable trucks is fully equipped and ready to go at any time. We put the integrity of your belongings first and ensure that every item is delivered in pristine condition. Upon arrival, our staff will unpack and place each item in its proper place to make your loved ones feel right at home.
  • Post-move assistance
    We are genuinely concerned about our senior customers and their comfort. That is why we will take care of the cleanup after the relocation is completed, removing all packing materials and trash. Thus, with our moving services for seniors in Laval, your elderly relatives will be able to settle in comfortably and stress-free.

With us, senior moving will not be a tremendous challenge but an easy and enjoyable experience!

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What people are saying about our Laval senior movers

Huo Shi

We were impressed with the professionalism and politeness of these piano movers. They took great care of our piano and made the entire moving process a breeze.

Oct 25, 2023
Earl Emily

Thank goodness for their emergency movers! I appreciate your promptness and professionalism throughout the unexpected relocation I faced. Incredible customer experience!

Oct 6, 2023

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