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It is hard to imagine moving without packing. If you skip this step, furniture and household appliances will become unusable, and the thought of an efficient and inexpensive move will turn into the necessity to pay a fortune for completely new equipment for a new home. In addition, different things require a different approach to packing, which implies that the homeowner has the necessary experience, skills and packing supplies. Luckily for you, our professional packers in Newmarket have all of the above, helping to eliminate the risk of damage to any of your belongings – from large furniture to fragile items.

Thanks to the unsurpassed knowledge of Superior Mover specialists, we are able to efficiently and competently assist you in solving any issues that arise when packing your belongings. Our company also offers a variety of services, including furniture assembly, apartment and office moving, long-distance moving, and oversized items transportation. For the safe loading and unloading of your belongings, we provide manpower that will help you at any time convenient for you. This is made possible by our 24/7 customer service, which will assist you with any questions you may have. We will also provide you with an estimate beforehand so that you can plan your budget.

Turn to our packers and movers in Newmarket to get a superior result

We pay special attention to our packaging services as we believe it is the key to safe transportation. Our team uses 15 varieties of high-quality packing materials, some of which are made to order. Our Newmarket packers and movers believe this number is justified because every item in your home or office needs special attention.

As for furniture, we use different materials for packing different items. Upholstered furniture is covered with stretch film. Cabinet furniture, such as sofas and armchairs, on the contrary, is first disassembled. Then it is packed in dense, durable cardboard and special film. We take into account the possibility of damage to property when lifting. To protect your possessions in this case we use polyethylene foam. As a rule, we always disassemble items into parts, placing each part in a separate box and marking them accordingly. Even small fasteners and plugs will be put in special bags to ensure their safety.

When packing household appliances it is important to consider their weight and dimensions. We use proven stretch film and packing boxes to organize your move. This ensures that no damage or bumps will occur during the transportation process. Fragile items such as wedding gift sets, vases and chandeliers are also placed in wooden boxes and then wrapped with soft materials. We pay special attention to how dishes are packed and put them in cardboard boxes, placing a large amount of bubble wrap between the layers.

Even clothes packing is carried out by our modern techniques. Despite the widespread use and popularity of vacuum bags, your things can be deformed by them. Instead, our team will pack your high-tech sportswear or delicate fabrics in our finest packing materials, which include a mobile fabric container equipped with a storage system for clothes.

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High-quality packing for moving in Newmarket to protect your valuables

To be closer to our customers, Superior Mover offers several benefits that will help you organize your move more efficiently:

  • We help you save money
    Transparency and honesty are essential components of our long-term sustainability. Our Newmarket packing company regularly evaluates the cost of our services to ensure that it is affordable. We always show the price before the job starts. This helps to avoid any “extra numbers” on your final bill. If any additional work is to be done, we will ask for your approval first before proceeding with the project.
  • We offer a fast packing process
    You may need last-minute packing and emergency moving services. With a 24-hour call centre and a team of experts who have flexible working hours, we will arrive at your doorstep with the right amount of packing materials and furniture dismantling tools at any time convenient for you. We also have a range of vehicles to guarantee an easy and safe move whenever you need it!
  • We believe in a personalized approach
    In tandem with the professionalism of our movers, we always pay attention to the needs of our customers and describe each step of the move to give them a clear understanding of how our service can help them. We will be happy to answer any questions in plain English. After the packing and removal process is completed, all rubbish will be taken away for disposal, so you can be sure that your home will be cleaner than before the move!

Thanks to our caring attitude to our customers’ property, we have over 1785 satisfied customers and many positive reviews on HomeStars, Google and Facebook. We want to see yours too!

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Devon Thomson

Not going to lie, they really made me post this. Great service but cleanliness could be improved …

Nov 2, 2023

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