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Moving a piano is not at all like moving any other piece of furniture, for obvious reasons. In addition to their size and weight, they typically have a high value. You may be certain that your instrument transportation will be easy when hiring Superior Mover’s best piano movers in Oakville. Our team is fully equipped and trained to relocate your piano and specializes in residential and commercial removals. We also offer free moving quotes, same-day service and 24-hour customer support!

Superior Mover has moved thousands of pianos over the years, earning a reputation as an expert in the industry. Our mission is to make your difficult piano transportation endeavour a success! We select the safest method to handle and move a piano because we are aware of its special structure. Our Oakville piano movers have the expertise to relocate your pianos in any challenging circumstance.

In addition, we have a variety of sized moving boxes for packing the piano’s numerous components. We can move it whether it’s a spinet, grand, baby grand, upright, console, studio, or recorder piano. Our team is skilled, equipped with the right tools and knowledge about packing, and ready to help. Our company’s mission is to please our customers with a flawless piano moving in Oakville because we are aware of how much money and sentimental worth you have placed on your piano.

Why should you turn to piano moving specialists in Oakville?

The piano removal service we provide at Superior Mover covers packing, removal, and delivery of your piano. You may need to have your piano removed for a variety of reasons, such as when you are relocating, and your removals firm is unqualified to handle your piano. Or you need the instrument out of the house for the day because you are having carpet installed. Even the tiniest pianos may be rather heavy because there are so many various sorts of them. Here’s how our piano moving company in Oakville packs and moves different types of pianos.

  • Spinet piano
    Undoubtedly, it is smaller than a grand piano. When moving, we utilize moveable ramps in addition to measuring all the doors and entrances. We also use moving blankets, wrapping them around the pedals and keys and securing each one in place. We will go around the entire instrument to make sure that the top, bottom, sides, front, and back are securely protected from damage. After that, we can begin the moving procedure.
  • Large upright pianos
    When moving this type, we pay special; attention to guarding the piano’s keys and pedals and tape to secure the blanket cover. After that, we move blankets over to the piano’s front, back, and sides. To keep all of the blankets in place, we tape them. Then our piano movers in Oakville Ontario will safely load the upright piano onto the dolly once the piano has been covered with moving blankets.
  • Grand piano
    Due to their longer strings and larger soundboards, grand pianos are considered enormous compared to other piano types. First, we will remove all of a grand piano’s legs before moving it. Then we cover the piano’s lid, keys, and all sides. All blankets will be taped shut. The piano’s legs and pedals will also be covered in separate movable blankets.

Hiring expert movers specializing in moving pianos is the safest and most practical way to move any piano. Pianos are challenging to move due to their hefty weight, vast size, and distinctive design. Moving a piano in Oakville requires a professional approach, and Superior Mover has the tools, personnel, and expertise required to do this task. Before putting the piano on a moving truck, they will make sure it is completely secure.

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Move your piano in Oakville with Superior Mover

You may rely on our piano moving service in Oakville to help you with your move! Before loading your piano onto the truck, we’ll be ready with safety gear and tightly wrap every part of it. Our staff will then safely unload it for you at its new location after we have transported it there. All of our movers have received extensive training and have years of expertise. Whatever your requirements, we’ll do everything we can to make the process easy and enjoyable for you! Residents of Oakville choose us because we offer:

  • A free estimate with no commitment;
  • A fixed charge, so you are aware of the final cost;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • A team of knowledgeable and skilled piano movers;
  • Storage services;
  • Packing and unpacking;
  • Up-to-date tools and trucks.

Our professionals will handle all the heavy lifting, including packing and unloading, at both locations for you in order to prevent damage during transit or when moving into your home, so you won’t have to worry about a thing since we will be there to take care of everything. Look no further than Superior Mover if you’re searching for a reliable piano removal service. We provide a variety of services to meet your specific needs, and we’re always available to assist. Moreover, the final cost to move a piano in Oakville will definitely surprise you; Superior Mover means quality and affordability.

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We were impressed with the professionalism and politeness of these piano movers. They took great care of our piano and made the entire moving process a breeze.

Oct 25, 2023
Devon Thomson

Not going to lie, they really made me post this. Great service but cleanliness could be improved …

Nov 2, 2023

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