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It is hard to imagine moving without the process of packing. Furniture and household items may get damaged, making it difficult to move efficiently and affordably. Certain items require different packing methods, so homeowners must have the proper skills, knowledge and supplies to pack their belongings properly. We are happy to inform you that our professional packers in North York possess all of the above, which helps to eliminate the risk of damage to any of your things – from large furniture to fragile ones.

Our professionals at Superior Mover will help you with all your packing needs. In addition, our company offers a variety of solutions for different needs, such as furniture assembly, apartment/office/commercial moves, oversized items transportation and long-distance moves. We also offer manpower moving assistance to help you load and unload your belongings properly. Our managers are available 24/7 to advise and accept any requests for packing services in North York. We can also help you estimate the cost of packaging materials during our preliminary conversation. If necessary, our specialist will come to the site to discuss the whole process in detail.

Trust our packers and movers in North York to keep your belongings safe!

We pay particular attention to packing services at Superior Mover because we believe they are the key for safe transportation. Our team utilizes 15 varieties of high-quality packing materials, some of which are custom designed for our business. This number is reasonable as each thing in your home or office requires a unique strategy.

In the case of furniture packing, we employ different materials for various types. Upholstered furniture is covered with stretch film. Cabinet furniture, such as armchairs and sofas, is, on the other hand, first disassembled. Then, it’s put in thick cardboard using a special film. Suppose there is a risk of damage to your property during the lifting. We will use foamed polyethylene to protect your property in this situation. Small plugs and screws are placed in special bags to ensure their safety.

We consider the weight and size of household appliances when packing them. To organize moving in North York, we make use of safe stretch film and packing boxes. So, while transporting, bumps and damages will be avoided. Additionally, we generally place fragile items such as vases, wedding gift sets and chandeliers into wood boxes and then cover them with soft filler. We pay attention to how dishes are wrapped. We put them in layers of cardboard boxes, and in between each layer, we put a sufficient amount of bubble wrap.

Even the packing of clothes is carried out in compliance with the technology developed by us. Despite the widespread use and advertising of vacuum bags, your clothes can lose their shape because of them. Instead, our team will place your delicate fabrics or high-tech sportswear in our best packing supplies in North York – a portable fabric box with a garment storage system.
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High-quality packing for moving in North York to protect your valuables

To be closer to the customer, Superior Mover offers several advantages that can help you organize your relocation many times faster:

  • We help you save cash
    Our packaging company in North York regularly reviews the cost of our services to ensure that they are reasonable. In addition, we announce the price before we start the job, which contributes to the absence of “extra numbers” in the final invoice.
  • We offer a fast process
    Emergency situations are unique, and you might need moving and packing services on short notice. We have a 24-hour call center with flexible schedules to ensure we arrive at your home with all the packing supplies and tools to dismantle furniture. Additionally, we have vehicles of all dimensions and models to provide a quick and safe moving experience.
  • We are committed to a person-to-person method of working
    In tandem with the professionalism of our movers, we are always attentive to clients’ wishes and describe each step to provide a clear understanding of how each service could help you. We are happy to answer any questions you might have in plain English. We have over 1785 happy customers and numerous positive reviews on HomeStars and Google. After completing the full service of moving and packing in North York, the remaining trash will be collected and disposed of.

Award winning packing & moving company in North York

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Sophia Thompson

Using this moving and storage company was a lifesaver for me. The whole relocation was safe and effective. Also, they fulfilled all my customized demands. Strongly suggest!

Oct 7, 2023
Devon Thomson

Not going to lie, they really made me post this. Great service but cleanliness could be improved …

Nov 2, 2023

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    Superior Mover stands for quality and safety when it comes to moving. Our skilled movers use only state-of-art tools, trucks and methods to guarantee a safe and swift move. We are eager to help you to open a new chapter in your life!

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