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  • Reliable movers with extensive experience
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  • All in one: from packing to unloading
  • Safety and integrity of your belongings guaranteed
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We use 15 types of packing materials to ensure the safety of your belongings.
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Our movers will pack china, disassemble the couch and lose nothing.
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Don’t worry about storage

If the departure does not coincide with the day of moving to a new place, we can store your belongings in our warehouse.
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We unpack and reassemble your belongings

Our movers guarantee the delivery and unpacking of your belongings in integrity

Dedicated and proficient last minute moving services in North York

last minute moving services north york

Do you find it difficult to plan an emergency move? Don’t worry. We are a team of dedicated last minute movers in North York who are ready to take your emergency calls around the clock. Our skilled moving crew can handle even the most difficult and challenging situations.

We can pack the most delicate, valuable and bulky items. All necessary packing materials will be provided, and we will pack your belongings quickly and efficiently. If you need to move out of your apartment or house urgently but have no idea where to store your belongings for a period of time, we offer long-and short-term storage services. You can be sure that your property will be safe!

Our company has the most reliable team in North York for last minute moves. They will take care of everything, so you do not have to go through the stress and headaches associated with organizing a last minute move. Our highly trained, experienced, licensed, and insured movers can’t be beat – from packing and unloading on short notice to delivery and furniture assembly, you can count on us!

Get last minute moving help in North York instantly

Moving is challenging enough without the added pressure of hasty packing and relocation. Whether you knew the moving day was coming but put it off, or you must move in a hurry due to unexpected circumstances, you need an experienced last minute moving company in North York to ease the burden. There are many reasons for planning a last minute move.

  • The moving company cancelled everything at the last minute or did not show up at all;
  • You have broken up with your partner.
  • You have got family emergency;
  • Job change or your current office move;
  • It’s too hectic to organize your items before moving day comes around.
  • You just want to change your surroundings.

Superior Mover can help you no matter what your reason for moving is. We will make sure your last minute move goes smoothly with our proven processes, affordable prices and expert guidance. We can help you with loading and packing, or we can take care of the entire process. Our movers in North York are ready and willing to take some of the burdens off your shoulders and help you move immediately!

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Good reasons to choose our emergency movers in North York

Why do customers love us? We make moving effortless and hassle-free. We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service at an affordable price and flexibility. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our quick and efficient packing or moving services. What we can offer you:

  • Seasoned and accredited professionals
    We take the utmost responsibility in choosing our staff. Our loaders are all friendly, punctual, professional and well-trained. You can be assured that our emergency moving company in North York will take extreme care of your belongings.
  • There are no hidden charges
    We have a simple pricing system that ensures there are no hidden costs and fixed prices for our services. We are proud to offer our clients the most precise estimate possible for every job.
  • Advanced technologies
    We come with the finest quality packing materials and tools to ensure that your possessions are safely packed in the most secure and fastest way possible. Our trucks are well-maintained and our equipment is designed to ensure efficient transportation.
  • Reliability
    We want you to think of Superior Mover as a go-to moving company in any urgent moving need, regardless of obstacles or special needs. We are the emergency movers to handle the most urgent move requests late at night or on holidays; we will be there for you to provide the most outstanding emergency moving service in North York!

Put those boxes down and call Superior Mover to free yourself from worries.

Award winning last minute moving company in North York

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What people are saying about our emergency moving service in North York

Susan Hart

I am picky about the services I pay for, so I did my research on moving and storage services near me. After reading many reviews, I chose Superior Mover. I’m so glad I did! They exceeded my expectations. 5 out of 5!

Oct 19, 2023

    Need emergency relocation assistance in North York?

    Superior Mover stands for quality and safety when it comes to moving. Our skilled movers use only state-of-art tools, trucks and methods to guarantee a safe and swift move. We are eager to help you to open a new chapter in your life!

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    We are servicing all residential and commercial areas in North York and surrounding neighbourhoods such as Toronto, Etobicoke, Scarborough, Vaughan, Markham

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