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  • All in one: from packing to unloading
  • Safety and integrity of your belongings guaranteed
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We pack your belongings

We use 15 types of packing materials to ensure the safety of your belongings.
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Our movers will pack china, disassemble the couch and lose nothing.
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Don’t worry about storage

If the departure does not coincide with the day of moving to a new place, we can store your belongings in our warehouse.
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We unpack and reassemble your belongings

Our movers guarantee the delivery and unpacking of your belongings in integrity

Dedicated and proficient last minute moving services in Vaughan

last minute moving services vaughan

Sometimes life can be very chaotic. Today you are happy at work, but tomorrow you will have an extremely difficult day. The movers you trusted on a moving day did not cope with the job or didn’t come at all. Don’t be upset; you are not the only one! Superior Mover offers fast and efficient last minute moving assistance for a low cost in Vaughan. Our team of experts will help you save time and energy no matter how big or small your move is.

  • Office relocation
    We can relocate your office quickly and efficiently without causing any disruption to your business activities.
  • Apartment moving
    We will help you and your family to pack and move as quickly as possible.
  • Furniture moving
    Our tools and equipment will allow us quickly and efficiently disassemble, pack and safely transport everything from the sofa to pillows and armchairs;
  • Packing and unpacking
    Moving at the last minute doesn’t give you the time to take everything with you. Our experts will supervise the entire process and provide the required packing supplies.

The day of your move is very close, but you have been putting it off until the last moment? Are you forced to move due to an unexpected circumstance such as a fire, job loss, or the need to move out? At Superior Mover, we understand that things can go wrong, which is why our last minute movers are not going to leave you with a problem in Vaughan.

Our 24/7 support team is available to give you comprehensive answers to any questions you may have. Put the duct tape aside and give us a call, and from now until the last goodbye handshake, your problems are our problems!

Get last minute moving help in Vaughan instantly

You’re getting short of time and are looking at a pile of items, and you’re not sure where to start packing? The Superior Mover knows that moving at the last minute could cause anxiety and stress. There are many scenarios where same-day movers in Vaughan are required:

  • Your transport company refused you on the appointed day;
  • After breaking up, you need to move out of the apartment;
  • Your new job elsewhere starts earlier than you expected;
  • It is urgent to relocate due to a family emergency.

Our Vaughan moving service can help you make your move a success, no matter what the reason. Superior Mover is available to make sure that the move goes smoothly despite any time constraints. Contact our team of experts, who will be able to discuss your moving needs and concerns and provide the assistance you need as soon as possible before you say: “There is no time left.”

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Good reasons to choose our emergency movers in Vaughan

Superior Mover understands the need for urgent moves, and we can provide the same professionalism and speed as other emergency movers. That’s not all that sets Superior Mover apart from other emergency movers in Vaughan.

  • Quality services
    Our movers will show up on time, ensure careful treatment of your belongings and do the job without damage.
  • We have no hidden fees
    If you choose Superior Mover, you will not face any hidden fees or excessive charges. Superior Mover offers transparent and reasonable prices as well as cost estimates.
  • Individual approach
    We are ready to help you with your move throughout the day.
  • Help at the right time
    Our top priority is your convenience, and that is why we do our best to provide high-quality services in the shortest possible time;
  • Storage services
    Do you need a place to store your belongings? No problem!

Don’t let the long list of things to do and the ticking timer stress you out. Instead, you can trust our company to take care of your move. You will be delighted. Our attentive, hardworking staff is ready to help you. We won’t keep you waiting; we’re ready to go!

Award winning last minute moving company in Vaughan

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What people are saying about our emergency moving service in Vaughan

Casey Sims

The movers were efficient and friendly, and they got the job done quickly. I was impressed with their professionalism and care.

Oct 25, 2023

    Need emergency relocation assistance in Vaughan?

    Superior Mover stands for quality and safety when it comes to moving. Our skilled movers use only state-of-art tools, trucks and methods to guarantee a safe and swift move. We are eager to help you to open a new chapter in your life!

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    We are servicing all residential and commercial areas in Vaughan and surrounding neighbourhoods such as Aurora, Markham, North York, Richmond Hill

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